There's never been a cooler time to be a geek, with the explosion of the comic book cinematic franchises and the continued popularity of fantasy books and shows like Game of Thrones. This means there are now plenty of gift ideas available that should suit a fantasy fanatic, no matter their specific interest.

So if you're looking to find the ideal gift for a gamer geek, a hardcore hobbit or a superhero super-fan, look no further than our picks below for the best gifts for geeks and nerds.

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Best gifts for geeks 2022

Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

Official Marvel Avengers Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener Keyring Keychain on white background

Gift your loved one with the power of the thunder gods (sort of) with this bottle opener shaped like Thor’s Mjolnir hammer from the Marvel universe. Though it can’t quite harness lightning like the comic book hero, it will do the trick of opening any capped drinks.

It has an adjoining keychain so you can attach it to your regular keys, and should be small enough to subtly carry in your pocket as it’s just 7cm x 3cm. That means it'll be easy to keep on you until the time is right, when a bottle opener is needed and you can rush in and save the day.

Lego Millennium Falcon

LEGO Millennium Falcon on white background

Made with over 7,500 pieces, Lego have said this isn’t simply their most detailed rendition of the Millennium Falcon to date, this is one of the biggest Lego models they’ve ever made.

Including intricate interior details such as the four mini-figure cockpit which features Han Solo and Chewbacca, this would make for a fun and immersive project for any hardcore Star Wars fan.

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Harry Potter Green Screen Invisibility Cloak

Harry Potter Green Screen Invisibility Cloak on white background

Re-create the magic of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak with this kit that uses a green screen and a video app to replicate the effect.

The pack includes a silk-lined cloak which features the green screen material on the inside, so it can be flipped to appear invisible on video. It even comes with a handy stand which will hold your phone up to film the action.

Simply pair your phone to the Android or IOS app, follow the instructions, and say goodbye to muggle life.

Jurassic Park Chess Set

The Noble Collection Jurassic Park Chess Set on white background

For fans who have a twin interest in strategy board games and velociraptors you can’t go wrong with this Jurassic Park themed chess set. Forget the king, players must do their best to place the T. rex in check with this unique design, inspired by the original 90s movie.

Each of the 32 pieces has been inspired by a dinosaur that appears in the franchise and boasts high quality craftsmanship, so you can enjoy moving your favourite extinct reptiles around the board as you play with the mighty spinosaurus or the tricky pteranodons.

More like this

Perpetual Calendar 3D Wooden Puzzle

ROKR Perpetual Calendar 3D Wooden Puzzles on white background

If you know someone who enjoys getting lost in intricate puzzles, this may make for the ideal gift as they’ll be challenged to assemble a 3D perpetual calendar made from laser-cut plywood.

Once it’s complete they’ll be rewarded with a functional timekeeper that claims to be able to accurately calculate past and future dates.

Sega Genesis Mini

Sega Genesis Mini on white background

For the avid gamer geek, this Sega Genesis Mini packs all the power of the original console but in a smaller unit, and features 42 classic games. These include Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Street Fighter 2 and Earthworm Jim.

Alongside the console the set-up includes two wired control pads, a power cable and USB adapter and a HDMI cable which means it should be ready to plug in and play straight out of the box.

Jedi Lightsaber

Jedi Lightsaber on black background

Whether you know a Jedi in the making, or someone who is teetering on the dark side, help make their Star Wars journey complete with the gift of a lightsaber. The saber handle is made from metal while the blade itself is created from resistant polycarbonate so this should be a solid item.

The blade is interchangeable which means you can acquire all 12 colours and switch between them. The lightsaber is 110cm tall (including the handle) and is charged via a USB which powers the sound effects, RBG lighting and collision flash effects.

Game of Thrones Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games A Game of Thrones The Board Game 2nd Edition on white background

Throw a Game of Thrones fan straight into the action with this immersive board game that will have them battling to take over the Great Houses of Westeros. With the chance to participate as recognisable characters from the series, players will navigate familiar locations from the fantasy realm as they attempt to take command of the landscape.

Just bear in mind this does require 3-6 players, so ensure the recipient has fellow Game of Thrones fans to play with, or be prepared to get stuck in yourself, with an estimated gameplay of three hours.

Fantasy World Maps

Fantasy World Maps

If you’re looking for a gift that would make fans of cartography and Tolkien happy, look no further than these fantasy maps which portray real locations as imaginary worlds.

Recreated with a Lord of the Rings style, these stylised maps are complete with fantasy castles and forests. Select a location that has a personal link to your significant other to make them feel as though they are part of the next hobbit adventure.

Lord of the Rings Retro Travel Posters

Lord of The Rings Retro Travel Decoration Posters on white background

For would-be Mordor tourists, you can order this set of three Lord of the Rings travel posters to suggest they’ve paid a recent visit to Tolkien’s fantasy world.

Made from canvas as opposed to paper, they boast this makes them more durable so they can be displayed on walls for longer, and the creators say they are made on demand to ensure the colours remain vivid upon arrival.

We've scoured the galaxy far and wide to bring you a variety of items that will make any geek's heart skip a beat. From classic collectibles to modern gadgets and accessories, there's something here for everyone. It's time to give a gift that's out of this world!

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