Yes, everything in physics is completely made up... but that's the whole point. A physicist’s job is to constantly create equations that keep up with our observations of physical phenomena, as Dr Katie Mack explains.


Everything you need to know about phobias. From the weirdest phobias, how they develop and affect your brain, to whether it's possible to inherit a phobia - a psychologist dives into the origin and treatments of irrational fears.


Our sleeping brains weave a patchwork out of our memories in complex, baffling ways. Dreams are undoubtedly bizarre, so why do they seem normal when we're asleep?


Set the JUICE loose! This month, after many COVID-related delays, the JUICE spacecraft is finally setting off on its trip to Jupiter. Its mission? To explore the gas giant's icy moons and find out if they're suitable for life.


  • Robot farmers: In some parts of the world, it’s a struggle to recruit agricultural labourers to help with weeding, harvesting and ploughing. Could robots help meet the demands?
  • IPCC Climate Report: A liveable future can be secured for all if we act now, scientists say. Here's what you need to know.
  • Innovations: We test out five of the best massage guns. These tools promise to aid recovery after a workout, but do any of them actually work?

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Holly SpannerStaff Writer, BBC Science Focus

Holly is the staff writer at BBC Science Focus, and specialises in astronomy. Before joining the team she was a geoenvironmental consultant and holds an MSc in Geoscience (distinction) from UCL.