Issue 388 of BBC Science Focus magazine

Moon photography masterclass

Astrophotographer Pete Lawrence shows you how to take great photos of the Moon using just a smartphone, then advance on to using a DSLR and telescope as you become more confident.

The race to save the northern white rhino

There are just two northern white rhinos left. And they’re both female. Can cutting-edge veterinary science and innovative cell biology save these iconic animals from extinction?

Midlife crisis

It's time to stop treating the midlife crisis as a joke. Far from being a period of existential angst and decline, our middle years can be a period of growth. Here's how you can embrace the mid-life crisis, explained by a psychologist.


  • Here come the xenobots: Miniature machines made from living frog cells have started to replicate. We delve into the science behind them and find out what these tiny bots could be used for.

  • Innovations: We look at some of the best tech (and weirdest gadgets) making waves at CES this year.

  • Artificial intelligence: Dr Kate Darling looks at why AI often creates sexist responses, and why designers should take more responsibility for the content their creations produce.
  • Nuclear fusion: Dr Katie Mack explains the strange science that underpins nuclear fusion, and how smashing atoms to create energy is a true marvel of nature.

Issue 388 on sale 16 February 2023

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Holly SpannerStaff Writer, BBC Science Focus

Holly is the staff writer at BBC Science Focus, and specialises in astronomy. Before joining the team she was a geoenvironmental consultant and holds an MSc in Geoscience (distinction) from UCL.